Thursday, June 19, 2008

Come With Me To The Kimberley!

I am joining a team of people spanning many generations (meaning there are young people and not so young!) to the Kimberley Region of WA - Halls Creek specifically in the Sept/Oct School holidays.

I am wanting people to join me in a missional discipleship course, just one night a week in the 6 weeks prior and post the trip to Halls Creek. This course is explained well here. And starts mid August.
More on the journey here.
It will be a life changing experience.

Dare you to contact me!
Scott Vawser


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learning Opportunity

Forge/ TEAR
present Steve Said
Sat Feb 16th 7.30pm
at the Warehouse Cafe
"Vocare- Our best for the least".

Steve' will enable us to find our vocation that connects our passion to the greatest needs. This will be a follow up and an elaboration of what he says at TEAR's Seeds of Hope breakfast that morning at Mt Pleasant Uniting.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Diploma in Christian Ministry

This is a personal invitation to you to join with us in a new innovation at ACOM is being launched in 2008

The Australian church in the 21st century desperately needs quality disciples of Jesus who are growing as leaders and willing to embark upon a great faith adventure. Leaders who dare to make a Kingdom difference for Australia.

ACOM invites you to embark upon an learning adventure, an adventure that will transform your life, challenge your ideas, develop your skills and help you to influence the lives of the people God brings into your life and ministry.

We need leaders who are able to challenge the status quo, manage change, engage our community through mission and who love people with compassion. Leaders who are devoted to seeing God transform the lives of others and are able to coach and mentor them along the way as fellow travelers with Jesus.

We also need leaders who have a biblical foundation for their leadership. Leaders with spiritual depth and a commitment to a life long journey of growth and maturity in their Christian faith.

Entering a Diploma in Christian Ministry program with ACOM is a great way of moving forward in your development as disciple and leader. The training program is biblically based and is designed to help you integrate your learning in genuine practical situations.

The training is also designed to prepare you for leadership, where you are. ACOM utilizes key elements of distance and digital learning to provide you with training in your current location and in your current church.

The Diploma is a Vocational Qualification nationally accredited and will give you credit into further awards.

Course Information

The Diploma in Christian Ministry (30269QLD) builds on the Certificate IV in Christian Ministry (30268QLD) which is a prerequisite to this training program. The Certificate IV in Christian Ministry is taught around Australia through ACOM’s LocalNet program, in many different locations and churches.

For more information on the Cert IV in Christian Ministry please contact our Vocational Education Office.

If you have not completed a Cert IV in Christian Ministry you can still apply to enter the Diploma program. Through Recognised Prior Learning and other alternative options ACOM is able to help you meet the entry requirements dependent on your individual circumstances.

Subject Information

There are a range of subjects offered through the Diploma Program in 2008 both core units and elective options.

Core Subjects

CHCORG24B – Identifying and Developing Leaders

This subject is designed to enable you to identify potential leaders and to design ways to support and develop them in their gifting and ministry.

CM 17 – Biblical leadership

To provide you with an adequate Biblical basis for understanding, developing, demonstrating and practicing godly, biblically informed leadership in and through the local church.

CHCCD4C Mission Project Part One

Students will develop a plan and strategy for initiating mission focused relationships with people, connecting with them according to their culture and context.

CM 16 - The Holy Spirit

This subject is designed to immerse students in the understanding of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, explore a range of spiritual traditions, and involve you in a number of specific spiritual disciplines for the duration of the course.

CHCORG29A - Coaching

To equip students with a broad range of coaching skills and insights, to empower the student to implement these coaching skills in leading and managing the missional project, and so to create for the project a supportive context that encourages and provides accountability for all the team.

CM 18 – Who is Jesus (Christology)

Students will develop a clear understanding of the foundations of Christology from scripture. Value the uniqueness of Christ in worship and mission, and integrate new knowledge into their lives and ministry.

CM 13 – The Missionary God (Missiology)

To enable students to develop and articulate a theology of mission based on the very personality and nature of God as expressed in the scriptures and in the person of Jesus. The nature of God being defined by love and His mission as the outworking of His love for people.

CM 14 – The Mission and purpose of the church (Ecclesiology)

To enable students to build on the foundations of Christology and Missiology, and apply that foundation to the mission, purpose and methodology of the church in the 21st Century. A 21st century dominated by digital culture and new ways of viewing the world.

Elective Options

There are a range of elective options available , including Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Community based Ministry and Church Planting. Electives will be negotiated by students with the course coordinator.

Contact Us

If you are interested in more information about this opportunity please contact the ACOM’s Vocational Education Office. We would love to have the opportunity to talk with you further about this exciting new program.

ACOM’s Vocational Education & LocalNet Office

Po Box 758

Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Ph 0262976178 em


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is This Useful to Anyone

Recently I have been thinking the 'latest news' blog kinda repeats some of what is on our website.

Unless I hear from a number people for whom this is a valuable resource very soon I will delete the blog and simply use the website.

Is it useful to you?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Developing a Movement Mentality in Established Churches

For all those who believe their calling is to remain in established churches, this day long seminar is for you!

Check it out here.

Or for more on work within established settings check out our re-imagine option!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Local Mission Trip!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Beyond Black & White: Dr. Lee Camp in Perth

Laura & Lee Camp with their boysJune 26th- to July 1st EPYC is hosting respected Biblical Ethicist and author, Dr. Lee Camp.

"Lee Camp is a voice of sanity and insight in a world torn by competing extremism. He is someone I listen to and learn from regularly."

- Brian McLaren (Hauerwas, McLaren, Boyd and Gardiner’s thoughts on Lee below)

I personally feel that Lee Camp’s work is one of the most accessible articulations of the prophetic alternatives to the damaging black and whiteness of fundamentalism and the boring greyness of liberalism. I sometimes joke that it’s Lee’s fault I was awarded the Donald Groom Peace Fellowship for founding EPYC and seek the kingdom while living in one of poorest areas of my city in Christian community. In contacting some friends and leaders I respect many are in agreement about the importance of Lee’s voice in today’s world:

Gregory A. Boyd"Lee Camp understands the humble nature of the Jesus-looking Kingdom and how it contrasts with post-Constantinian Christianity as profoundly as anyone I know. His book Mere Discipleship ranks as one of the best, if not the best, books on Kingdom discipleship I’ve ever read."

– Dr. Gregory Boyd (Evangleical theologian, Senior Pastor and author of "Myth of a Christian Nation")

Lee Camp fan, Stanley Hauerwas"We can laugh because Camp helps us see that the gospel, the good news, gives us good work that is a check against taking ourselves to seriously… Camp provides an account of discipleship that counters the widespread assumption that what it means to be a Christian is believing twenty absurd propositions before breakfast."

-Stanley Hauerwas (Ethicst named "Amercia’s Best Theologian" by Time magazine)

Lee Camp fan, Brian McLaren"Lee Camp is a voice of sanity and insight in a world torn by competing extremism. He is someone I listen to and learn from regularly."

- Brian McLaren (Christian Activist, Author, and Innovative thinker and leader)

Lee Camp fan, Darryl Gardiner"Lee Camp’s ‘Mere Discipleship’ was one of the most formative books I have read in the last few years. He gives a brilliant Biblical apologetic for "the way of Jesus" with amazing insights into history and the current situations we face. Lee Camp should be read and listened to."

- Darryl Gardiner (Regular on New Zealand TV, former head of Youth For Christ and internationally sought after communicator)

Lee Camp’s talks for EPYC in Perth will include (June 26th- to July 1st):

Mere Discipleship New Norcia Retreat with Lee Camp

to confirm a place email:

wendi @

Mere Discipleship: An interview with Lee Camp at Riverview Church

These are another "empowering peacemakers" initiative of The Peace Tree Community and EPYC